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Teresa Brooks in commercial Hallmark!!!

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Nate Evens Kansas Lottery

Nate Evens in Kansas Lottery Chiefs.

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Kansas Lottery Chiefs

A.J. Hoyt & Nate Evens in Kansas Lottery Chiefs.

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Shawn Jones


Shawn in First men.

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Superbowl Commercial for Head & Shoulders.

Congrats on your HUGE Superbowl Commercial for Head & Shoulders! 

Dwayne Evans, Frank Colbert, Amber Underwood, Dione Hodges, Richard Troeh, Marge Troeh, Patrick Ryan & Gregory Williams.

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Claudean Horton For Hallmark

Claudean Horton, I&I.jpg

Claudean Horton For Hallmark

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Dillian Harris

Dillian Harris, I&I.jpg
Dillian Harris, I&I 1.jpg

Dillian Harris for Hallmark!! 

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Dwayne and Frank in the MO Lottery.

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Nick & Danyiel for Cerner

Nick & Danyiel playing a couple for Cerner.

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Nicole and Scott for Hallmark

Nicole and Scott Aurand, I&I 1.jpg
Nicole and Scott Aurand, I&I.jpg
Nicole and Scott Aurand, I&I 2.jpg

Nicole and Scott for Hallmark. Working again for Hallmark.

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